Colour(s) of the Year for Spring 2016



Pantone colours of the year

Our colour experts Pantone has for the first time ever, announced TWO colours for 2016. Beautifully chosen Rose Quartz and Serenity, are shades of pale pink and baby blue.

The company’s announcement is an annual event that is closely watched by the design and fashion industry as a major influence in trends including home décor, fashion and design. Following their release usually is an abundance of similar shades in every category possible.



The baby pink and blue shades are meant to “induce feelings of stability, constancy, comfort and relaxation,” according to The Wall Street Journal. These beautiful Spring shades are soft, light and cheery. But why 2? I couldn’t find a solid answer, maybe they are shaking things up or let’s just go with gender equality from the 1980’s.



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