Common mistakes in Logo Design.


Here are a few awful mistakes that we all see in the world of graphic design! Some are obvious, some aren’t. Enjoy!

Using a raster image

Okay, to designer’s and some people, this is obvious. But not everyone has the technical vocabulary, so i’ve included this one, and made it number one! Basically this means, EVERY logo should always be vector. If a logo has been rasterized, it was unfortuntely created by an amateur. Start again! This file cannot be used and will only create larger costs in the future.

Relying on color

Logos should technically always work when in black, or white on a reversed color.  Of course, some logos really pop once they are in color, or the elements change once in color. But the simplicity of one color should still compliment the logo. This also gives you freedom to use the logo in many different applications.

Having too many fonts

Generally a good rule of thumb is having two types of fonts in a logo or two styles maximum. It is common now to mix font styles such as a serif with a sans serif font. For years, designers didn’t do this very often. Now you see it frequently. Fonts are beautiful and should be mixed when creating a brand! Variety gives the logo elements to make it that much more interesting.

choosing the wrong font

Every designer has made this mistake. But hopefully you notice this before the final logo and brand is completed.  Normally you will know when the font is right. It compliments the logo and just works. There is no easy formula, it just fits!


If at all possible, avoid major trends in your logo design. This is diffcult because some trends tend to be timeless but we just don’t know this yet. Rule of thumb is awful trends, so drop shawdow, gradients, you know the ones that make you cringe because they look horrible.


I hope this helps. Keep in mind there are likely other mistakes, but these seem most critical to me.



a graphic designer in Barrie, Ontario


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