Finding a great designer.


What’s the magic trick to finding a designer you like, who does great work, that you can afford?

It’s a tall order. It takes some effort on your part, but it’s worth it.

Much like finding your accountant, you need to do some research.

“You can get a logo online for $40.”

“You can download a pamphlet template and do your own stuff.”

“You can get your stuff printed in China for next to nothing.”

Rumors like these are just that. And while you can choose an inexpensive route, you will no doubt find your logo on lots of other people’s business cards and websites because they are cheap, open domain images that are available to anyone.

You can use a template but you’ll very likely run into problems getting it printed due to software incompatibility.

Choose your designer by checking him or her out. Look at their website. Look at their instagram, facebook, and social media tools… how do you feel about their work? Does it all look the same? Are their design pieces unique?

Call their customers and ask about the design experience. Listen to what you’re told.

Have an information interview so you get a good sense of whether you’ll be able to work together. Be prepared to share information. Be prepared to listen. And be prepared to decide.

Once you have decided, stay with your decision. Listening to the ‘advice’ of others will add confusion and cost to you.

Rumors are dangerous. And expensive.

Your designer relationship is going to last a long time; you want to get it right.


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