Trends… to avoid.



They’re hot. They’re on target. They’re the latest and greatest thing. Trends can get us pretty excited. And then they fade.

Here are some thoughts on trends you might want to avoid…

The NEW colors!

At first they’re exciting. And then they’re everywhere. And then they make a statement that says “this is so 90’s.” They date your project and they date you. Color trends can be a killer to any design, especially a design that’s going to be your brand, a design that’s going to stick around for years and years.

Keep your colors minimal, and simple. The colors you choose shouldn’t be your favorites; they should appeal to your customers. Simple is eternal.

Trendy text.

Certain text fonts seem to be new until you start to see them in magazine ads, on billboards, in media everywhere. Trust your designer to let you know whether or not a text or font that you’re keen about is going to have a lasting effect for your business. A trendy text causes you expensive changes down the road.

Same with Slogans.

You can have a great tag line for your business and if it’s eternal and short (like FedEx’s The world. On time.) it’s dynamic and belongs as an identity on all your material. But longer, more complex slogans can change and age. Not such a great idea.

QR Codes

They were terrific when they first came out. They took any smart phone right to your website and saved lots of words. We thought they were genious, and they were no-cost. Then, we realised we could type in a business name faster then opening the app. They’ve essentially been replaced by search engines and speedy device users. Toss them.


Save the words, save the space, save the time. Just use your url these days. Such as No need for the www prefix anymore.

Bevel and emboss

These terms are filter effects from photoshop. Text distortions can also be achieved that way. They are trends that will be passé and should be avoided in your timeless design.


It’s impossible to list all the trends here, but your designer will know what’s hot and what’s eternal. Choose eternal. Choose simple. It’ll have a lasting effect and save you time and money in the future.

– Emily

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