Let’s talk color.

How color affects purchasing

How color affects purchasing.

As I’m sure you’ve heard, there are many factors that contribute to how consumers buy. Color is extremely important when designing point of purchase displays, advertising and brands.

  • 85% of shoppers state that color influences their product choice.
  • Color increases brand recognition by 80%.

Now let’s get into it. The colors listed below are only effective in North America, so keep in mind your target market destination.

PURPLEPurple is said to be calming and soothing,  often used in beauty products.

GREENGreen is said to be the easiest color for the eye to process. Who knew! It is often associated with wealth.

ORANGEOrange tends to be more of an aggressive color. Perfect for those important buttons and call to action uses.

BLUEBlue is used mostly to give the feeling of trust and is used often for banks and security.

PINKThis one is a giveaway. Pink is used for feminine products and anything targeted toward young girls. I think we are working towards changing this. I often use pink in my designs for a punch of color and to create bright accents.

BLACKBlack is a staple for all industries. It’s always a powerful and modern choice. It’s used often for luxury items.

YellowYellow is shown to create optimism and joy. Often seen in Spring themed ads and window shop displays.

REDRed is always used to represent SALES. It’s loud, attention grabbing and is proven to actually increase your heart rate. It works!


Color theory and the phsycology behind it, is much more complicated and I will touch on it again soon!



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