For the love of white.



Today I spent my Saturday morning roaming the aisles of Ikea. I have to say, it was a great morning. Being a Graphic Designer, I appreciate the color white more than the average person. In fact, it’s my favorite color. It’s fresh, clean and always looks good.

Some may argue, is white actually a color? Well here you go.

White is the blending of all colors and is a color.

Light appears colorless or white. Sunlight is white light that is composed of all the colors of the spectrum.  A rainbow is proof. You can’t see the colors of sunlight except when atmospheric conditions bend the light rays and create a rainbow. You can also use a prism to demonstrate this. [source:]


This is exactly why I love white so much. It reflects all that is beautiful. A logo, a piece of furniture, stunning artwork, beautifully finished hardwood, delicate paper stock and of course a simple, clever graphical design.

Here are some of my favorite Ikea pieces.


d33e640b451dd64c97c5456841602cd6 6c834077a35dd52ee6a2c0d509f76a30fargrik-piece-dinnerware-set__0172486_PE286879_S4-16a00e5508eeadd8834017ee97b17f2970d-800wi495ba95df470dce609df2c26d15166ea


Have a wonderful day!


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