New Brand Design | Remote Frontier

Providing Situational Medicine Worldwide

New Brand Design | Remote Frontier

Wow does time fly! We are slowly but surely posting about our new brands that we have completed in the last few months. Here is a new brand design that we created for Remote Frontier. They are a Canadian based company that provides Situational medicine worldwide. We created a retro style brand with a simple, bold statement. We provided our client with different formats of their logo to provide flexibility and an effective brand statement for all of their promotional materials.



Enjoying the finished product is what makes this field so rewarding. We love transforming companies and taking their brand to the next level. In this online-fueled world, not only is your online presence important but your overall brand has never been more influential in the overall success of your company. Contact us for more information on our logo and brand design process. We offer free consultations for business owners just like you!

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