Is print a dying art?


In 2016, is print really considered dead?


Here’s my take.

Magazine’s continue to be a huge business.

Yes, many have gone down in production to maybe 4 issues a year. Prices may have gone up as well. But there is still a market. People still buy them. Many still subscribe, I know I do. The art of a magazine is something that could never be replaced by a screen. I could never read a magazine digitally. I enjoy the look and feel and I tend to keep issues that I really like.

Business cards will never be absolete.

A business card is still very important for business owners. At events, whether you’re networking or socializing, a business card can help a new contact remember you and make that meeting profitable for you. Not having something to hand out, will in turn, likely make you forgetable.

The look and feel is also important. You will see trends like letterpress and embossing are even more popular now. Businesses tend to stay away from the shiny non- environmental card stocks and are commonly choosing the earthly feel of uncoated textures and recycled content in their print materials.

Promotional Materials are still important.

If you own a store, a market or a brewery. You don’t want your consumers leaving empty handed. Having small give aways and promotional cards are very important in having them return to your location.

Events can be promoted on a square postcard with fun, bright colors, or details about your sale. Or even a discoun/coupon card. These all need to be printed and aren’t going anywhere.

Companies need a visual catalog.

Yes I am sure the Sears catalog isn’t being printed as frequently as it was in 1982. But it is still on a press. Product catalogs are still being produced rapidly. Many people will shop online but hard copies are still necessary. Tradeshows, events or just sales calls, a catalog is important for consumers to refer back to. They help sell!

Signs, Posters + Banners galore!

These larger scale items are selling now more than ever. We won’t be seeing a digital banner any time soon. Technology has changed and you see fabric more often now and higher end printers. But printing is still a large part of the market.


Books are still being produced at a large scale. Have you been to Chapters lately. I still enjoy buying books just as much. Reading from a screen is not comparable in my world!

There ya have it, Printing is NOT dead!


a graphic designer in Barrie, Ontario.


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