6 signs it's time to Rebrand.


Here are a few chosen signs that we feel are most commonly found in businesses.

1. You feel embarrassed to hand out your business card or mention anything about your website.

This is huge. I chose this as number one because you should be running to your graphic designer and marketing expert if this sounds like you. This is a red flag. Your business card and website are your main tools. Without these, sales will be very very difficult.

2. You are ready to raise your pricing.

If you have many long term customers, that have been fortunate enough to keep you at a consistent rate for years. Suddenly upping the price may be tough. But as costs rise and markets change, it’s necessary to keep your profit rising in the right direction. Rebranding allows you to reshape the way your customers perceive you and your business, and this way you will have a fresh start with appropriate fees to fit your current business model.

3. Your brand has become overly complicated.

Have you changed your business model and target audience completely? Is it at the point where your current brand doesn’t represent the right market stream what so ever? This is confusing for your customers and clientele. You want a clear message that will get you the sales you deserve.

4. Your target market has changed.

This will happen in any business, your target demographic changes as time moves on and generations change. Unfortunately this means updating your brand and marketing to attract the main audience that is spending capital in your market. Stay current with your brand and marketing, or re-brand and your sales will grow as your audience changes.

5. You blend in with your competition.

One day you look around and realise every company in your area that you consider competition, has all of the same branding colors. This makes it very difficult for people to have that logo recognition that we have referred to in our last blog, “what makes a great brand”.

It is time to be different and stand out from your direct competition. As they say, you want to be the different one. People will remember you.

6.  And lastly, your brand is full of trends.

This is a huge issue. If you’re aware of the trends, that are unfortunately now outdated. Contact your graphic designer for a consultation. We offer free consults based on reviewing your current logo and brand.


These signs can be pretty obvious. Basically if you’re wondering if rebranding is the answer for you? Likely it is. Sometimes meeting with the right Graphic Designer can make a big difference in figuring out what the right step is. There are cost- effective ways to make the project more manageable.










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