The CRAFT Deli + Soda Bar

Introducing downtown Barrie’s newest Deli! Now open on Dunlop St. E. Fresh bread, fresh ingredients, all cooked in house! Eat your heart out!

The Craft Deli approached us with some retro ideas they had envisioned for their new deli’s logo design. We were instantly on-board! After completing our standard design brief, 2 sit down consultations, a few rounds of variations, this is our end product. The look and feel is retro meets modern. The colours teal, burgundy and orange are cohesive to several retro brands, while the 2 overall shapes of the primary and secondary logos represent a common overall shape from the “soda pop” era. Photos of the exterior are coming soon, stay tuned! Make sure you give this deli a try this fall. It will be your new favorite lunch spot!


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