6 signs it’s time to Rebrand.

Here are a few chosen signs that we feel are most commonly found in businesses. 1. You feel embarrassed to hand out your business card or mention anything about your website. This is huge. I chose this as number one because you should be running to your graphic designer and marketing expert if this sounds […]

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Finding a great designer.

  What’s the magic trick to finding a designer you like, who does great work, that you can afford? It’s a tall order. It takes some effort on your part, but it’s worth it. Much like finding your accountant, you need to do some research. “You can get a logo online for $40.” “You can […]

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Pantone Trends 2017.

  Pantone’s 2017 Colour Palette.   At long last, Pantone has released their chosen pantones for 2017. Not that I swear by these chosen shades, but I always find it interesting in how they change from year to year. Pantone has a large influence over colour trends and style.  Pantone released their list at the […]

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Design in Indie Music.

Design in Music Being the music lover that I am, I find inspiration from not just the music itself. The visual design that goes along with each artist, continues to inspire me. From album covers to poster design to instagram accounts. Media in music has always had stunning visual content and designers. I have chosen […]

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Happy day Canada!

              HAPPY CANADA DAY! Canada day means a lot to my family. Being the descent of refugees from Latvia, I was raised to be very proud, and honored to call Canada my home country. In honor of this great long weekend that’s approaching I thought to myself, who designed […]

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