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Branding Mistakes To Avoid

You have heard the importance of branding in your business before, whether from other business owners, mentors, or perhaps in some of my other posts. Here I will discuss the importance of a professional brand identity has on your business and the mistakes to avoid when branding your business.

This includes everything from your photography, color palette, logo, fonts and other design elements. Don’t undervalue the position and role that the “look and feel” has on your business.


Good brands build trust

Without consciously acknowledging it, the design of a website, business card or advertisement impacts our initial impression of a business. For instance, when searching for a new dentist in my area, I subconsciously ruled out those dentists whose sites seemed very dated, or had poor functionality. This proves that industry-wide, the visual identity of your brand is significant.

When it comes to your business, here are a few pitfalls you can easily avoid, in order to make your brand identity as quality as your business is!


Avoiding establishing a brand identity

One major mistake businesses make when it comes to branding, is undervaluing the impact of a professional quality brand. I am always shocked when businesses request design services such as a website, brochures/flyers, or any other promotional piece, when they don’t have a brand indentity, logo or brand package yet.

I understand that when starting a business, you’re often low on funds and cutting costs is mandatory. However this is not the area to cheap out on.


Purchasing a cheap logo

There are several sites that offer logos as cheap as $50. While this may seem like a great way to save money up front, I advise you… not to take this route. You will be guaranteed to end up with a logo that does not reflect your vision, value or quality you deserve. Also, you are most likely going to replace this cheap logo down the road, after attempting to create your brand with a poorly designed logo. Which in turn is a waste of valuable time and funds. So you are actually spending more money by having to hire a designer later on to properly brand your business. As the saying goes, do it right the first time!


Trying the DIY method

I totally understand wanting to have control over every aspect of your business, it’s hard to let go. Especially if you are create yourself. However it is best to stick with what you do best. Running your business. Whether that is photography, event planning or creating products, you should spend your energy there. This is why I hired out for photography. I have the capabilities to do my own but I am not a professional at doing my own lifestyle shots. Though you may know your way around Photoshop or illustrator, graphic designers are better suited to reflect your business story in the best way possible.


Changing your branding frequently

If you are constantly revising your brand identity drastically, it is most likely due to the desire to conform to design trends. I get it, it’s tempting. You want to build a timeless brand, not one that is on trend at the time. Through sticking with one brand identity, you build a cohesive brand, that in turn reflects immediate recognition, trust and reputation among your clients and in your community.


Rushing through the process

Though you may feel overwhelmed with the growth you are seeing in your business, I advise you to not take the brand identity process lightly. Take time to invest in defining the vision behind your brand, and discover your business story. These details help your designer truly reflect your business, so that you are left with a brand that is timeless! By taking the time up front, and not rushing it you are less likely to re-brand in the future.


How to avoid these pitfalls

The best way to avoid these common mistakes in your brand is to invest the time up front. Once you have a good grasp of your vision, hire a professional designer and/or brand agency to give a face to your brand, and help build a cohesive brand design. If you would like to work with us, get in touch today for a free consultation.